Full Version: Yes, its true
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ZuWrath is in fact, a paedophile xD
[spoiler][Image: 28rec5k.png][/spoiler]
You didn't paste the whole thing!

[Image: dcshgp.png]
ZuWrath is then the nicest, most friendly pedophile I know...
Which is either a good thing, or a bad thing...
Being nice is part of the guise.
(12-06-2011, 07:21 PM)Orcworm Wrote: [ -> ][Image: avatar_1.gif?dateline=1323304917]
Being nice is part of the guise.

Your avatar... What. The. Fuck?

Rard is just JELLY
Rardical Wrote:[Image: avatar_1.gif?dateline=1323304917]
Your avatar... What. The. Fuck?

That's orc after his takings from last month's donations xD

He's become a P1MP lol
Orc, why is your chain over the top of your cigar? That looks uncomfortable.
He's keeping his chain hot i guess xD
he's too cool for the laws of physics [spoiler]also I made the cigar first and blingo doesn't have a layer tool[/spoiler]
Sieve's Avatar is way better...