Full Version: Christmas Jingles
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And then there was Rardical...(continue this. Let's write a song!)
Dashing through the sand, with TNT Strapped to his chest, Rar Had a nasty plan, for Christmas for the rest! He got through PW A, but not through PW B, thats when he got shot in the ass by the UK Military!

if you know that song, you are awesome
achmed the dead terrorist?
Deck the halls with boughs of Sulphur, Trolololol, trolololol. Tis the season to be a fucker, trolololol, trololol. Don we now our diamond apparel, trololo, trololo, tro lo lo. Troll the ancient Pork worm Carol, trolololo, tro lo lo lo. See the blazing house before us, trololo, trololo, trololo. Strike the flint and join the griefas, trolololo, trolololo. Follow me in merry measure, trolololo, trololo. while i tell the tale of Pork Worm treasure (those fuckin donations) trolololo, trolololo. Fast away the old map passes, trololololo trolololo, Fuck the new with TNT and flashes, trolololo, trolololo. Grief we joyous all together, trolololo, trolololo. Heedless of the smoking weather, trollolololol, trolololol, trolololol, trol ol ol OL!
You sir are da shit!
Now THAT'S a good caroling song xD You so pr0 G
O Holy Shit...I think i burnt my foot off... It is the night of the Dear Griefer's brith.

Long dead the world, in blue screens and errors pinning, Till he appeared and the Owner felt his worth..

A shock, of fear.. the weary world is huuurted, for yonder breaks an old and shitty morn

(Just another faggot to ban)

Fall n your knees! Hear the Satanic voices, Oh night of hell when the Griefer was booorn.

O Night, O Hellish Night, O Night, O Night Of Hell.

Basically griefer started hell

ProjectG, Why are you not a parody writer?
IDK, i didnt really feel like it