Full Version: The normal map server map...
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I've taken a few looks at it now, and I've noticed a few things and have two questions.
1. Is it infinite, or is it just that circle?
2. Why is there random island circles off the edge of the map?
The map only extends as far as the circle, I'd be happy to run an infinite map but unfortunately would need an SSD with infinite space.

The chunks dotted outside the boundary are probably from idiots teleporting to random coords then getting warped back.
I think I know what I will do all day now.
Lol, ok. Two more questions then. Could the map be increased by a few radial chuncks? like increase the diameter of the map, without going infinite?
And the compass is used for teleporting? Could anyone use that, or just donators and up?
(Three questions techinically...)
The compass is for donators only (£10 and up to be exact)