Full Version: Skyward Sword *dun dun dun duuunnn*
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That's right I just got it, its fairly awesome too. I recommend it because of the various parts of the game other than the main quest, and it has also puzzles me a fair amount of times already (maybe cause I'm not a hardcore Zelda fan). I have to give it a solid 4.6/5 and that's saying a lot from me. Get it nao.
>not pirating it
I may not like Zelda and will not buy Skyward Sword,
but I do give the Zelda franchise credit for making one of the most successful lines of games ever.
I have the game since it came out and I'm still not done playing through it. The controls are a bit weird at first but you get used to it. I really love how you can handle the sword this time. Swing the Wii-mote to the left, the sword swings to the left. Swing it to the right, the sword does the same. Some puzzles even include this mechanic of the sword to complete them.
I already have the bow and I love the one way where you have to hold C and pull the Nunchuck to charge the arrow (The other way is to simply hold down A, but that takes longer). The story is alright too and the characters are fun as always. Groose is an ass at the beginning but becomes a good buddy later. (Spoiler Alert) Without Groose it would have been impossible to fight the second fight against "The Banished" (dunno if that thing is called like that in english since I have the german version).

What surprised me the most is, that there are Boss fights now without doing a dungeon (I had 3 so far).
Yea, when I first started I thought the camera was a bit annoying, until I found how to make good use of z, but I've been playing for 8 hours so far and only made it to the first surface temple. And I have to agree that it's really cool how in most cases, enemies can only be killed in a certain sword swipe
I just got the Hylia-Shield. Kind of the hardest way ever to get it in a Zelda game, but not too tough.
Bleh, just got killed first time... First encounter with that demon lord guy or whatever...
I'll give it another go tomorrow Tongue
(12-15-2011, 05:09 AM)Ciphon Wrote: [ -> ]Bleh, just got killed first time... First encounter with that demon lord guy or whatever...
I'll give it another go tomorrow Tongue

Oh you mean that thing that breaks the seal? The first time is actually quite easy.

Also I just finished Skyward Sword, I gotta say it's my second favorite zelda game now. Gonna try Hero mode tomorrow (I must be totally crazy about this...).
I personally love Zelda games, and they have never disappointed me. My childhood basically consisted of Ocarina Of Time, Majoras Mask, Windwaker, Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess. I haven't gotten this one just because i don't really use my wii that often, and i felt as if the Wiimote controls might be a bit odd. But that's just me, i don't really like the motion control thing, i prefer a controller over anything. Someday i'd really like to give this one a playthrough though, check out some of the interesting puzzles they've done and what not.
OOT and MM all day erry day.
ALTTP is god tier tho.