Full Version: SILK TOUCH + MORE
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HI, when i killed the ender dragon i decided to spend my 70 levels on a diamond pick. I found a lv 42 enchantment and decided to use that. I got these :
Unbreaking III
Efficiency III
Silk touch I
Bidding starts now, Bidding ends...when i say
Bidding starts at 1000 Gil.
Hey i help you and i got to level 400 soory you didnt get more i didnt mean to get so much

fyi 50 is max so going to 72 is a waste.
jar they got it from enderdragon so they couldnt help getting 72
Bahaha, efficiency and unbreaking. /spa all day, son.
/spa still breaks the pickaxe son.
still, son.
repair the pickaxe son
Eexactly son, get infiite stone/wooden picks and your set for life dude
I used to make son jokes, then I took an arrow to the knee.
I also used to make arrow to the knee jokes, but then I took a mace to the face.
I used to take maces to the faces, but then I derped off a cliff into a cavern filled with sharp objects.
Akoontz tryharding for a pickaxe, you cant beat coalwood owner :p