Full Version: Another Skyrim thread? ;D
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Well, just started playing it. According to Steam I've been playing it for 12 hours already.

Well and all I can say is this:

I love Egoraptor! YES!

lol, and Skyrim. I love Skyrim moar.
Shit just been 3 more hours playing it. This game is just too addicting.
egorapter's pretty cool, I liked his Megaman X video
(12-24-2011, 02:14 AM)sieve Wrote: [ -> ]egorapter's pretty cool, I liked his Megaman X video

Yeah, saw the video a few days before I bought Skyrim. Therefor I had that sentence, "This game makes my dick rock har-", stuck in my head while playing Skyrim. Though this shouldn't be taken seriously.
Im getting it tommmorow =D
Aint that game 18+ Timmy?
(12-24-2011, 10:23 AM)PureCraft Wrote: [ -> ]Aint that game 18+ Timmy?

[Image: 9087784.jpg]

[Image: 30jofn6.jpg]
(12-24-2011, 10:23 AM)PureCraft Wrote: [ -> ]Aint that game 18+ Timmy?

I used to play games which were 18+ when I was younger than 18...

(Fuck NO. I'm not going to continue that sentence with "until I took an ??? to the knee"!)

Anyway off to playing Skyrim again. I just heard some rumors in the game that a dragon is on the loose again. So I gotta kill it.
psssh 16 shall do
Well there is loads of blood, but you don't really gib the shit out of things. There are also bloody flesh piles or skeletons but that's it. I don't think this game really deserves 18+. More of 16. So go ahead.

Anyway, a screenshot I took while epicly finishing off a dragon (Killed 5 so far in 29 hours, according to steam, but I was idling Skyrim while I got ma Christmas presents and had dinner). Ice Dragons are a piece of cake as a Nord btw. Big Grin
[Image: D19385DD825CBBD44CC7B088B1217D8363BAB173]
Beyond all the sensationalism there really isn't much to Skyrim. I'll be the first to wish it wasn't so. The storylines are, to be frank, horrible. Take the Dark Brotherhood for example. SPOILERS-

[spoiler]In Oblivion, the dark brotherhood line of quests consists of not only fun and memorable assassinations, but also a personal connection to the story. Lies, confusion, betrayal: it's all there. It culminates to a point which is astonishing, and you really feel like you accomplished something and earned your position. In Skyrim, you show up to the Sanctuary, kill a couple of random npcs that you have no background information on, are ridiculously easy, and affect the surrounding world in no way whatsoever. The Emperor assassination is equally stupid. You, and only you, are given the task to take out some random npcs in a completely ridiculous attempt at a murder. They desperately try at a twist and fail with the "fake" assassination. The guards who attack you die in one hit, and are barely a threat. The assassination of the real emperor is just as bad. One hit of the blade of woe kills nearly everybody on board, and stealth doesn't matter. After you kill the emperor, its basically done. ONE major quest, that's it. The same goes for the College of Winterhold and the Stormcloak/Empire Conflict, and I've heard the same about the main quest. It's truly a shame, considering how well combat mechanics and the world were done, that they botched together a hastily written story that barely draws the player in at all. I feel absolutely no immersion into my character during any of these awkward story lines, contrary to my absolute feeling of depth in Oblivion.[/spoiler]

This is the only thing reviving my hope in the Skyrim storylines : http://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/..._bug_jars/

tl;dr Good mechanics, crazy world, awful storylines
(12-24-2011, 11:49 PM)Giygas Wrote: [ -> ]snip

skyrim is nothing...i played all 3 god of wars

Now THATS some gorry shit
(12-25-2011, 06:20 AM)bubba_rocks Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-24-2011, 11:49 PM)Giygas Wrote: [ -> ]snip

skyrim is nothing...i played all 3 god of whores

Now THATS some wussy bunnies

other than saw the game (which sucks btw) what game is more graphic than GoW???
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