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After some in-depth discussion and a good amount of thinking, we're bringing back moderators in-game. With the growing player base increasing in unique visitors every single day and the competition for Staff becoming too vast and not accurate enough, this is a great solution to decrease the amount of grief and to better evaluate potential Staff members. Here's the catch, [Mod] is going to be a fairly temporary title only given to a select few (possibly more than one) individuals depending on the quality of the applications, which I'm confident that we'll get from our player base. Here's what you'll do step by step.

1. Fill out the below application completely and SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE to this account: Mod_Form

2. Posts your thoughts about the idea of having Moderators back

3. Fill out the application honestly, lying will get you nowhere. Being honest will show integrity and maturity.

4. Wait for the Staff to go through every private message application we get, and then we will vote on the top 5 applicants with an undecided amount of those 5 being promoted to Moderator, then be evaluated in-game, and then a few will be promoted to Staff, while the other moderators will be demoted to their original rank before the Mod promotion.

P.S. Before you fill out an application, remember that ass kissing to the level of worship and getting butt hurt over not being selected for Staff or Moderator will only hurt your chances of being Moderator and or Staff in the future.

Moderator Submission Form:

Minecraft Name:
Previous Administration Experience (leave blank if none):
Time since 1st join date:
Previous Bans:
Timezone (GMT):
Average playtime per day:

Additional Short Survey -- Rating: 1 is lowest, 10 is highest.
1.) Rate yourself on how well you are with getting along with other players.
2.) Rate yourself on whether or not you are knowledgeable of the current LogBlock commands.
3.) Rate yourself on how responsible you are.
4.) Rate yourself on how mature you are normally.
Great idea. It'll be good to have more people around to help newcomers.
Wasn't sure if i was supposed to include mod thoughts in the pm... anyways, posting it here.
Seems like a good idea, as dough said it will help with the guests and such, and those times when there isn't any staff on to attend to the small things.
Yep, I want you guys to post the answer to step 2.
I think bringing mods back is a great idea. There are times when many people need staff and there are none but there are many responsible donators. It will help the server a great deal Smile.
I want to apply, at least get my hat in the ring, but I don't think I'm eligible (I'm appliing, if I'm not eligible, delete it)
It sounds like a great idea because i have always wanted to do my part to help the server and the people that play on it but i have't been around long enough to be staff, so great.

Minecraft Name: PureCraft
Previous Administration Experience (leave blank if none): I've been leading this glorious place since the very beginning
Age: 17
Time since 1st join date: I've been here before any of you
Previous Bans: 500 tempbans by Orc
Timezone (GMT): Masterrace Europe
Average playtime per day: 25 Hours
1.) 10/10
2.) 10/10
3.) 10/10
4.) 10/10
GoDjMike Wrote:Fill out the application honestly
(01-06-2012, 12:24 AM)DoughnutSpanker Wrote: [ -> ]
GoDjMike Wrote:Fill out the application honestly

Your point?
this sounds like a great idea. however im not sure if i want to apply. you current staff do way to much work. I appreciate what you guys do for the server, but I want to have the freedom to ignore people entirely and just build. when i see staff in-game they always seem to be helping some but hurt kid or fixing a grief.
(01-06-2012, 12:28 AM)PureCraft Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-06-2012, 12:24 AM)DoughnutSpanker Wrote: [ -> ]
GoDjMike Wrote:Fill out the application honestly

Your point?

Not being very honest.
Well, although I wasn't here when there were mods, (September 2011) It seems like a great way to help take a lot of the load of the staff members who seem to be constantly working to help someone else out. Also this seems like it could open up opportunities for those people (such as myself) who finish their donator square and then feel like they want to be a part of something bigger like a part of the staff team. I also feel that [mod] will help bridge the gap between staff and donators (who are constantly working, and only ever worrying about themselves) so that we may have more dedicated players and more dedicated staff/moderators. I think that about sums it up Big Grin
I was also not here when moderators were in action, but i think this will just add to a better staff/mod team to keep players in check such as myself when I first joined. I think this will be a great opportunity for whoever is chosen to show the responsibility and and maturity that may not have been noticed as a donator/member/guest.
Very happy to hear Mods are coming back Smile.
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