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Well, my house got boring. So I found the perfect location for a house, but can't build one.
So: Hiring someone to build me a modern-ish house.
That means no extreme use of logs, and lots of glass and wool/stone.
I liked Rar's old house, so if you can make it look somewhat like that.

Pictures of the area, and what you have to deal with:

General Area:
[spoiler][Image: 2utg8oz.png][/spoiler]

The inside (which should probably be cleared)
[spoiler][Image: 25ko180.jpg][/spoiler]

Top Down
[spoiler][Image: 35bi1jb.png][/spoiler]

And if you need coords to check it out:
1729, 80, -3263

I want this to look pretty cool, and have a lot of secret rooms/cool features. Pretty big too, with a couple stories. Glass should be used a Lot. And some type of basement/ lower stories. Overall, if you're up for it, make it look professional. and cool.

Now for the good stuff
I'll pay anywhere from 3-7k, depending on the quality. If expensive blocks are used, and it looks REALLY well done, and you're constantly working for hours, I might pay a tip.

Make sure it looks good. Please don't just build the house for extra money, I'm looking for people who are actually WILLING to build it (either because they're good at it, they like doing it, or both). If you are my friend, and you don't get chosen to build my house, don't feel bad. Please, don't feel bad if you don't get chosen.
And feel free to destroy anything in the way, including the ugly stone walls that I put up.
Ill build it if you want, i build mainly modern and stone houses as i dont like wood, last map i built a few modern houses that i sold for around 10,000. If you want i would be willing, just send me a pm if there is any photos you would like me to use/ any themes then tell me the price you will pay ect.
Not to take, jenius's dibs, but if he backs out or something, I would accept the chalenge.

And building is what I enjoy in minecraft, plus I have a cool out door theme basement idea and I have 64 sticky pistons laying around in my shed I could add in there somewhere. And thanks I my underwater project I have much glass
Well, this will be hard to decide. How about posting screenies of a couple of your builds that look cool.
[spoiler][Image: 21jukci.png]
[Image: 25jxlj6.png]
[Image: 9ptgfa.png]
[Image: nwhljl.png]
I would love to build your house.
I'm game for a shot. Did you see my one glass/log mansion on that mountain in the last map? if not i can post screenies, i could build something along the lines of that.
Monsta: I have seen your amazing creations, (I was actually waiting for you to reply XD). And, I like them a lot. Pretty much what I'm looking for. Although no screenies, your houses are memorable (when I pass by) and sometimes worthy of an extra PW.

Jenius: I like your buildings, but I'm looking for something more unique and mountainous. Your second picture is just a bridge, and seems like something built for a city rather than a house. And then all the other pics are "Page not founds".

Ciphon: Your creations are very amazing and one of a kind. I don't really know what to say. They're...cool. They seem like places that are awesome to see and be a part of, but not the right type of style. Still pretty nice though.

Well, there's my point of view. I'll give some time for others to apply, so no one feels left out. ALSO: If you don't win, I'll probably let someone do an expansion on my house. It won't pay as well, and I'll make sure to hire a different person.
Also: EDIT:::!!!!
I found a much cooler place for my home. If you're still up for the challenge.

Coords: 1266,114,-3344

I'm really sorry for the quick change, but you'll understand when you see the location. I can give you a quick screenie:[spoiler][Image: 1z3xafq.png][/spoiler]
Sorry for the relocation, but that's what exploring does.
If you are to build the house, remember to put it in the mountain, not on top of it. Also make the view awesome.
I can live /w the area change. i actually found your old area not too long ago.
We have a winner. If you get a pm saying that you're the winner, then you're probably the winner.

Remember: DON'T feel bad if I didn't choose you. You may have a chance of future expansion on my home.
(01-10-2012, 12:28 AM)Blake Wrote: [ -> ]We have a winner. If you get a pm saying that you're the winner, then you're probably the winner.

Remember: DON'T feel bad if I didn't choose you. You may have a chance of future expansion on my home.

Its probably waaay to late, but...

I am a crazy architect. If you need anything in the future, just let me know. I'm not rich or anything, but I can pull stuff together pretty quickly. I built a town in 3 days.