Full Version: Chaos server
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Guy please post your thoughts on chaos server or if u havent already, try it. Its crazy fun but more people need to play on it =(. The ip is orcworm.co.uk:1 and if you have played on it post your thoughts. Second which should i get MW3 Skyrim. Or. Batman arkham city
1. The chaos server was in its prime during it's early days, when there were two or three BIG factions, but as of late more people have flocked toward the main server.

2. Depends on whether you are getting them on console or PC. A couple of my friends and I bought MW3 and Skyrim and we haven't played much of MW3 because Skyrim is amazing on PC. I personally prefer playing shooter games with friends, so I have not played much MW3 because we are all playing Skyrim. I have not played or had much interest in Batman Arkham City, so you're on your own on that one =p