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International Roadway - Cherrythepie - 05-21-2012

For a long time I've been thinking (and so have a few others as well) that there should be some sort of international pathway/roadway in the world of Orcworm. I propose that this roadway should stretch from spawn to at least the major cities in the world. If possible, it should also stretch to the minor cities and towns as well. It would also just connect up to the town (with permission from the owner) or just run by the town/city/etc. of which someone might want to go to.

This will obviously cost lots of resources, but I'm not thinking of making it real fancy or anything. It just needs to be a path that gets you to your destination in the quickest way. However it should have torches set up so that players can see at night and signs so that players can see where they're going and how far they have gone. It can be upgraded later when it's completed or whenever someone feels like making it look nice without disrupting its purpose.

I am graduating very soon and have only one day of school left. so I will have time to begin construction, but If anyone wants to help, then contact me on this thread. I will be grateful for any help.

Resources are another thing. I have dirt and cobblestone and some other worthless supplies that would be good for building with, but I don't have a lot. so if anyone would like to donate resources then that would be very generous
of them.

First of all I would like to have orc's permission to create a path from the outskirts of spawn.

This is still somewhat of an idea though, so don't take this too seriously.

RE: International Roadway - Blake - 05-21-2012

There's some really cool minecart station thing that would work if we used a railroad instead of a long pathway. It's in lolyounoob's spawn shop if you wanna take a look.
A lot more fun and minecraft-y than stupid teleporters. Underspawn can be used for some railroad hub instead of a big empty space.
And we don't need a laggy plugin for a railroad, I've seen super successful servers only use a railroad that spans the entire map without minecart mania (which is where I got the station idea from).

RE: International Roadway - Cherrythepie - 05-21-2012

Well a railway would be great and in the future I think that would be a really good thing to have, but that would require a lot of iron/gold/tracks and I don't have the resources or money for it. Also minecarts lag. I know how great railways can be, but for now I think a pathway would be good to build at the start. Besides, you kinda need some sort of pathway, for your railway to go on anyway, so a railway could be added in the future if possible.

RE: International Roadway - killer465465 - 05-22-2012

I'll help :3 I has plenty of stone and gold and a decent amount of iron

RE: International Roadway - Cherrythepie - 05-22-2012

Thank you so much Killer465465. I'm going to do some work to find the coords of cities/towns and how far away from each other they are.

RE: International Roadway - charles471 - 05-22-2012

If you need materials and stuff I can donate some! Big Grin

RE: International Roadway - killer465465 - 05-23-2012

(05-22-2012, 03:34 PM)Cherrythepie Wrote: Thank you so much Killer465465. I'm going to do some work to find the coords of cities/towns and how far away from each other they are.

Let me know if you need help with anything :p

RE: International Roadway - Cherrythepie - 05-23-2012

If anyone owns a town, city, etc. could you post the coordinates so that I know where they are without having to search for them. Thanks

RE: International Roadway - PureCraft - 05-24-2012

[Image: 29p54dt.jpg]
>no one will ever be as good at building as Filmjolk

RE: International Roadway - lolyounoob1 - 05-25-2012

What ever happened to Filmjolk anyways...

RE: International Roadway - DoughnutSpanker - 05-25-2012


RE: International Roadway - charles471 - 05-27-2012

Make a path to my city! Big Grin

x: 3150.818
y: 65.620
z: 1334.534


RE: International Roadway - Cherrythepie - 06-06-2012

Ok... probably not going to do this anymore. Actually I never even started on it really. I'm just going to say I don't have the motivation anymore to do it. I'm going to learn c++ now instead. If anyone else wants to do it, then go for it.

just to be clear if anyone asks, I have NOT taken any donations of materials or (as far as I know) money from anyone. I will be happy to donate materials if someone wants to do this.

RE: International Roadway - killer465465 - 06-08-2012

Cherry, I might start this idea up when or if the server restarts to 1.3 :p

RE: International Roadway - Cherrythepie - 06-08-2012

That's very good of you to do that. Thank you.