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100k giveaway - John_Axe - 06-05-2012

Give me a reason, as silent said lol. I will give each person here 2k gil, even to silly resons so 50 ppl will get it. (If you wonder why am i doing this, it is because of map reset.)

RE: 100k giveaway - lolyounoob1 - 06-05-2012

Cuz I am Lolyou. Plus I am your nieghbor and I don't blow your home up like I do to uber.

RE: 100k giveaway - Xzeddicus - 06-05-2012

Cause i have known you forever even when you were a member we were friends and I love you Smile

RE: 100k giveaway - Grintendo - 06-05-2012


RE: 100k giveaway - Sammeh48 - 06-05-2012

As im your friend and not just a friend like a supa da dupa friend i think i deserve more than 2 k i want 10 k Big Grin

RE: 100k giveaway - Paradox74 - 06-05-2012

Because you've done some dang amazing work on the roots of Yggdrasil.(yes I know other people have worked on them too)

RE: 100k giveaway - Blake - 06-05-2012

Because my house frequently gets blown up by lolyou. And I'm cool...right?

RE: 100k giveaway - mspeers - 06-05-2012

Because I was your biggest supporter on your way to 200k, to beat Britonk.

RE: 100k giveaway - MonstaBoi - 06-05-2012

because i like turtles

RE: 100k giveaway - GoDjMike - 06-05-2012

Because I have over 100K and the combination would make over 200K. Which would then be given away in another similar thread.

RE: 100k giveaway - John_Axe - 06-05-2012

kay, good reasons there lol...still 49 more people have a chanse to get 2k

RE: 100k giveaway - wihe5 - 06-05-2012

I just want the money Big Grin

RE: 100k giveaway - Killerdonkey - 06-05-2012

Cause I don't know you Big Grin

RE: 100k giveaway - DoughnutSpanker - 06-05-2012

Because your signature is awesome for liking LoZ.

RE: 100k giveaway - bubba_rocks - 06-05-2012

Because my testificate tribe is in poverty. Every gill counts to help a poor, poor villager.

Please call 888-Hur-Durr to help save these floppy nosed individuals.