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Mindcrack Ultrahardcore - Grgnzl - 09-21-2013

I'm sure some of you must be aware of UHC games played by the Mindcrack members, if not here is an example:

I'd like to suggest that this server host a round for our members, where the winner gets ? bragging rights? 1000 gil ?
If it goes well, it could become a regular occurrence, which if well advertised would surely bring in lots of new players (donations ;)).

The actual mod for UHC seems to be for 1.5.2 - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ultra-hardcore/

The Mindcrack guys have played with just the vanilla noregen option to use new MC versions, however they are much more trustworthy than our members, as it is usually a rule not to make regen potions which wouldn't be enforced with vanilla.

Anyway, suggestions and responses please.

RE: Mindcrack Ultrahardcore - ProjectG - 09-26-2013

Response: I've been wondering for a while now, does your name translate to Gorgonzola without the vowels?

RE: Mindcrack Ultrahardcore - Grgnzl - 09-27-2013

It does indeed.