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Plugin Suggestions - Coopdawg - 10-02-2013

I suggest more donator perks are added because I do not think that there are enough of them for each rank.
Also a couple of other plugins that I suggest

Virtualpack allows players to use a single command to easily access a furnace, chest, crafting table, brewing stand, anvil and enchantment table. (updated to latest minecraft version)

This is another good donator perk. Allows you to name mobs, like you would with a horse.

This would also be cool because rain gets a bit annoying sometimes and if the majority of players think it should stop, then it should.

This would also be cool, it places a sign in the position that someone died.

RE: Plugin Suggestions - Blake - 10-02-2013

Went on a server with gravesigns once and there were signs everywhere. Every block nears spawn had one. That's a whole lot of free signs. There wasn't realllly a point to them....

It might also be an issue if someone dies in someone else's zone or house. Although it takes minimal time to break, it's probably a bit annoying to break signs of people that died in your own home.