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Want "Chaos Server" back? - Freddy705 - 01-17-2014

Hello everyone!

This is Freddy705 (duuh), I want to start a thread about people beeing interested in the recreation of "The Chaos Server".
I myself is kind of interested in starting a chaos server again, and i will work on it if people actually is interested at all.

However this depends on how many that is actually interested in playing on the server, and/or want to help out!
When i first made my version of the chaos server, it became unstable and very much unfair rules, the few reasons (which is important) for that is:

*Only me working on it
*Few helpfull players (those who helped thank you either way and no offence to you)
*Lack of experience within config, server setup etc

Note that i have atleast 10 times the experience now, because i actually have taken some time to learn this stuff, instead of just improvising.

I want to hear the communitys opinion on this, and also if anyone have experience with different mods/plugins, who is willing to help out.

If you have experience with either building or mods/plugins, which is suitable for this kind of a project, email me @ Freddy705@msn.com and tell me about your experience and so on.

So what do you guys think? Something you want? Leave a comment in the comment section below Thumbsup

RE: Want "Chaos Server" back? - penfound - 01-20-2014

Bring it back!Big Grin

RE: Want "Chaos Server" back? - Boblobster - 01-25-2014

i would play
that shit was amazing, even if it was only populated for like 4 days Tongue
i would help a good lot too if you needed it, exams all finish next wednesday so i'm gonna be bored for a bit