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Orcworm Returns - Elliot - 02-15-2016

Orcworm Minecraft Server Returns

RE: Orcworm Returns - Orcworm - 02-15-2016


RE: Orcworm Returns - redfuckingjello - 02-20-2016

lel .

RE: Orcworm Returns - Elliot - 02-21-2016

[Image: image_zps859a9039.png]

RE: Orcworm Returns - asacavanagh - 02-27-2016

Aww, come on!

RE: Orcworm Returns - Killerdonkey - 02-27-2016

Top kek.

RE: Orcworm Returns - Cherrythepie - 03-08-2016

Dangit. That was like when Adult swim aired toonami.

RE: Orcworm Returns - NeroTheDarklord - 03-10-2016

This is disappointing. When I heard rumors that orcworm's is returning, I had hopes that I would finally be able to come... home... well, at least my minecraft home. It is sad to see that this info was just a joke.

RE: Orcworm Returns - asacavanagh - 03-18-2016

I agree, Nero. Although my final days on Orcworm.co.uk weren't exactly good with regard to a certain incident, I do miss the place quite a lot. It was such a joy to log on of an afternoon after work and just play around with a bunch of people I enjoyed the company of and probably annoyed in return.

My concern if it did return is with all the advancements of servers these days like hub networks for example, would it take off like it was back "in the day" or would it just be another small generic server that gets the odd person from time to time that stays for a few minutes then leaves. Servers these days usually have to be really engaging from the get go or players don't tend to hang around, which I personally find pretty stupid. These sort of things are what would make me and probably any former server owners like Orc and Yar/God consider "Would it be worth resurrecting the dead?".

Not trying to be a downer, just if Orcworm did return, I'd only want success again for it.

RE: Orcworm Returns - Orcworm - 03-19-2016

Realistically I think the ship has sailed - for pretty much the reasons you've stated. Running the server was a great experience but things have changed so much over the past few years with regard to the game itself, as well as the game's modding / server infrastructure capabilities, that I don't think it would be feasible to start it again.

If there were a game that showed as much potential as Minecraft did at the time, then hosting would certainly be a possibility. Unfortunately I think we'll be waiting a while for one of that calibre to appear.

RE: Orcworm Returns - NeroTheDarklord - 04-16-2016

In any case, being an admin on a minecraft server, banning asses, rolling back damage of griefers, helping people with questions. That was some of the most fun i ever had on a video game. If there is anyone out there who would be interested in an old minecrafter with lots of experience, even as an admin, i would absolutely adore having another chance to fill in that role again.

RE: Orcworm Returns - asacavanagh - 04-16-2016

I could probably put you in a moderator position where I am now after you play for a couple weeks to adapt to the server, but I'm fairly sure I'd still get bitched at for name dropping on here.. Everyone else that's said names had their posts removed at any rate xD

RE: Orcworm Returns - PureCraft - 04-30-2016

Let it go.

RE: Orcworm Returns - darkxephos - 05-30-2016

It never will be back guys. As much as we all want it.

RE: Orcworm Returns - onlinerocker - 06-09-2016

Private message me if you're looking for a fun new experience in Minecraft.
I've been working on something for the past few weeks and we plan to launch very soon.

Hope I don't get banned for this