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Moderator Announcement - GoDjMike - 01-09-2012

Sorry we didn't send private messages to you guys, but we honestly couldn't be arsed to. Anyways, we've promoted 3 invidivuals. If you were not selected, next time we have a need for more Staff/Moderators, apply again.

These three wonderful people have been promoted:


Give them a congrats, and if you post: "I hate that faggot, why did he get that position, I'm much better than him!" Or anything of the sort, your post will be deleted and you will be punished respectively.

RE: Moderator Announcement - onlinerocker - 01-09-2012

Thank You Orcworm and staff! I promise I won't disappoint! Congrats and good luck to Chaz and Spx as well =D.

RE: Moderator Announcement - MonstaBoi - 01-09-2012

Congratulations, everybody! Dont go the ways of the corrupted, i've seen a good mod or two go crazy with power...

RE: Moderator Announcement - Jarvisd - 01-09-2012

Congrats guys

RE: Moderator Announcement - Ryoman - 01-09-2012

Congratulations to all of you! Like Monsta said, don't follow the path of the dark side like lizzy. You earned it! Big Grin

RE: Moderator Announcement - frostythetoejam - 01-09-2012

Congrats to all the new modsThumbsup. I think you all deserved it guys.Big Grin

RE: Moderator Announcement - Paradox74 - 01-09-2012

i like you all so congrats all around, and good luck.

RE: Moderator Announcement - ProjectG - 01-09-2012

GoDj gave me spoilers! :o but gz and have fun


RE: Moderator Announcement - lolyounoob1 - 01-09-2012

Good luck, can't wait to see what you guys can do Big Grin

RE: Moderator Announcement - LuminousMouse - 01-09-2012

Congrats =D

RE: Moderator Announcement - Rardical - 01-09-2012

Congratz to all 3 of you XD

RE: Moderator Announcement - Blake - 01-09-2012

Nice job!
And remember:
Don't get caught

RE: Moderator Announcement - thefluffyswan - 01-09-2012

hurray for onlinerocker
i dont know the other 2 people though...but congratulations to all tres of you

RE: Moderator Announcement - Spxify - 01-09-2012

That sure is one hell of a morning waking up! Congratulations Chazdude and onlinerocker! ;)

I won't be disappointing you guys.

RE: Moderator Announcement - Chazdude42 - 01-09-2012

(01-09-2012, 08:38 AM)Spxify Wrote: That sure is one hell of a morning waking up! Congratulations Spxify and onlinerocker! ;)

I won't be disappointing you guys.

Laziness to the maaax ^^

But seriously, TYVM for Mod and congrats to Spx and rocker Big Grin